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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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good evening. welcome. >> testifier: good evening. i began speaking out of turn here so i apologize. i mouse rogers from the south beach mission bay neighborhood association. i just want to commend you for your long and diligent work on the redistricting examination. we're hoping in the end that your decision will be to go with the original boundaries for district 6 that were described early on. but, if that isn't the case we support whatever the outcome is and will just trust your staff accordingly. thank you so much. >> presidentdon't think ms. rogers. next speaker.
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has increased among people at my hotel.whether they reported or not they are often many people where i live afraid to report it thinking of future problems. we sincerely appreciate the efforts to extend the district boundary so that these people get the protection they need most. thank you. >> president: thank you. next
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speaker please for good evening and welcome. >> testifier: my name is alan gregory i'm with the central city as though collaborative. i would like to bring to your attention -- i'm not happy when people waited 90 seconds or 2 min. to talk. i think the exception of some people should be an exception to that rule. that should be noted. i think some people deserve more time for that place they haven't society. somebody mentioned earlier something about enforcement. it's nice of laws but without enforcement, it's not going to happen. also book you need money to have enforcement and the city needs to start funding. that also. thank you they must. >> presidentthank you. next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> testifier: ladies and gentlemen of the audience and commissioners, good evening. for the record 90 ms. amil was that i've spoken before this
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commission many times in the past. i've been a resident in the city of county of santa cisco for 45 years i've seen a lot of meetings and a lot of commission hearings. recently we just had a district attorney pointed a private investigative group that bypasses the police commission. i want you to think about that. why he did that. possibly the responses here coming out of this commission for investigation this can happen due to, mild, or nonexistent. it's not that i don't trust -- i think personally he's a fraud. he ran for the district attorney's office after claiming he was a democrat all his life when he was a republican after the of 20 weight. he also showed pictures of his brochure of a jewish indian at 13 years of age and they claimed was him. a latino in cuba. another fraud. but i'm not here to talk about
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mr. -- tonight. i'm here to talk about the case is not just [inaudible] being beat up by the police. i'm a white person. i got beat up by the police. i have a case in federal court right now. documents from the of the city of san francisco. 49 requests. 0. they don't exist. please don't write police reports. surveillance cameras don't take pictures. they don't exist. according to counsel for the sf pd and the city and county of san francisco. so, repping for you today is this. i'm going to give you 7 copies of this newspaper story and also a copy of a freedom of information act. that produces 13 documents. >> clerk: thank you your time is up.
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>> president: thank you mr. lawrence. thank you. good evening. next speaker. welcome and good evening >> testifier: my name is audrey shull. i understand enforcement very well. i'm retired lieut. of the san francisco sheriff's dept. i want to reiterate what rev. speaking up because i sit beside him and heard every word i spoke to the officers after he left. if i haven't come up to diffuse the situation they may have arrested him. they came out very angry, very matter of fact but that you have too much noise the neighbors said. you know, we need to wish everybody to talk
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about sensitivity training. i think you need to send some people in the neighborhood who understand the people. start there. because when they came up asian and latino they should have had a little more sensitivity to cultural things. this is our culture. this is our culture from the south. after -- they go down the street. nobody ever asked why are you what are you doing. you need to know what our culture is about. train them on that. the other thing is, our neighborhood 3rd baptist church we've been over there 160 years that were not going anywhere. this get that charge a lot and were going to be there. i want to see something done with the neighbors around there. were having too many problems. that's not the parking, it's the noise. it's too many people walking. it's too late at night. this is church. were going to church 24 hours if we need to. thank you. >> presidentthank you. i do
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just want to reiterate to event occ investigator here tonight >> clerk: we have our chief attorney [inaudible] >> president: specific allegations of officer misconduct should be directed to the occ. ms. frankel can help anyone want to do that tonight. good evening and welcome. >> testifier: good evening my name is irma estrada. i'm saying where is the love and compassion for human beings no matter what race creed or color. where is the love? that you and all of you one for yourselves and your families. your children. were sons and daughters you a generation of people. that's what i want to know. where is the love? that runs from heart to heart and breast about. no matter the color of your skin. that that is what i wanted because this what's going on. it's not enough well. it's all about keeping your job in making money in being able to buy have
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the car and have that. it's about things. it's about power and money and prestige. pastor amos brown is my pastor. i've had the opportunity to call him and he has a few having a problem and you need to talk to me please call l >> council member declined 45 or more stares on a street when i am in my home and sat on my couch with his legs crossed and had time to talk to me and my family. i didn't have to call the police department. you know what i'm saying? and i've had other problems would have gone into his office and sat there and talked about personal issues. right there he's right there with a suit and tie sitting very calmly and spoke to me and helped me. i have my piece my sanity and my joy. --
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by horseback or whatever to get to prayer meetings to get to church and 66 years old. i'm out there in the dark getting a cab or whatever. but i'm coming. and pastor brown will if you call him, he's coming. he's coming. i also want to say a 20 result i was married to a young man went from high school to be a -- vietnam. all these placement. they need to go to go to vietnam to be a real warrior. >> president: thank you. next speaker. welcome mr. jackson. >> testifier: hi my name is marion jackson get, board member of the officers of justice. just listening tonight i see the community wants to have a voice in how the police and i think it's time for us to start working on the african-american community police relations board again. so the community will have at
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least a venue to talk about how their police. one of the problems i have with the police commission is that they're supposed to represent the people and it appears sometimes they represent the police department. you are our civil watchdogs for the over the police department you're supposed to make the rules and policies. a lot of times i don't see that. how can a community event when they don't have no way to vent password you give him 2 min. to say stuff they been building up the last 100 years. you have to go out in the community understood the people are saying. i been here with mothers crying about the kids being killed by the police that have an opportunity to say anything. so, i think that please mr. nosy go into the community 1st before they come here. then you wouldn't have all these people here complain. thank you. >> president: thank you mr. jackson. good evening and
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welcome. >> testifier: my name is -- i think it's comical how you recommend the occ to the people bringing complaints i think it's very comical how you sit there smirking during this whole thing when people are talking about issues that bring pain to their lives and brought tragedy. that is an extreme sign of disrespect and lack of concern on your behalf on issues that affect the people -- >> president: nobody is smirking. >> commissioner nobody smoking. that's not to. no one has but we have listened to you but do not come up here and misrepresent the record and say that were smirking. >> testifier: do want to enjoy me some more? >> presidentlet him speak.
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>> clerk: go right ahead. >> presidentorganists are you 2 min. again. you have a full 2 min. >> testifier: i was going to make a point of how all this is theatrical. it's like a big play. a big -- y'all dancing to the music because nothing is happening. we always receive from the text they know that the police department doesn't know how to handle officers that she says he does know about the tax. those are your officers. how can you not know what's happening in your own department. how can there be biggest within apartment and that these bigots act-a database but how you know your cells are not a bigot. had we know the rest of the police department isn't full of bigots? every article about the text scandal it says, these officers are not a reflection of the department. i think that's exactly what there. the reflection of the department.
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the reflection of the chief and a reflection of the city and the commission that oversees the department. there is no nonreflective there is only one truth that this institution is racist and all of you are lacking on judgment. that's a simple but racism is to in this nation but it's too amongst this commission and is true in the city. there's nothing progressive about the city. >> presidentthank you. good evening and welcome. >> testifier: my name is -- mendez. i'm here on behalf of latino and black community. i am outraged to know that here in san francisco were only 7%, 7% i'm a resident of 20 years in the bay area. to know that the progress that i've seen through the please has dramatically changed from
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nothing with my family to killing my community it upsets me to know that i am unsafe in the streets to know that i'm a commuter to san francisco to my brothers and sisters here in san francisco and in oakland are in danger because of the police. it upsets me to know that the racist texts alex -- oscar grant, many more are being still being killed. the police have called the war on us. for the head board of the supervisors, london agreed to call the police on us yesterday while we are promoting black lives matter peacefully. i do not understand how peaceful protesters need armed officers to contain us as if we are not civilized. i do not understand
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that as we are students here. alex -- was actually a probation wanted to become a probation officer. but the police have shot him more than 5 times and once in the head. how does that make me feel to know that my brothers and my sisters are in danger here to be shot through the window sitting in a car. to be shot on campus. how does that feel? >> president: thank you ms. mendez. next speaker. any further general public comment? ms. bryson evening and welcome >> testifier: good evening.. as per usual, i been sitting and listening. one recommendation i have but of course it's going to be your decision and i am -- is to extend public comment to 3 min.
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i don't believe that there is to be special dispensation for people to be given extra time. there are people here who struggled to get here and they need more than 2 min. not all are as practiced at speaking as i am and as i put it, ms. -- is the mother of invention which allow me have 10 seconds i can do it. yes. yorty know that. the reason i'm here not only is for the redistricting which we later, but i need to have a police report taken for an incident that happened to me there was silly person who did this -- on sunday where i found a person -- i watched him go in
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slow motion down to the sidewalk and then he passed out and he had a gash on his head. well, being a concerned citizen i have my cell phone that i called 911 and i almost needed to call the police on him. when the ambulance did arrive, we had to seminars and the officer looking for the guy who then refuse to -- he refused all medical attention. he had a bloody gash. you really did need attention. the way i was taught in the girl scouts over 50 years ago, if somebody has a head wound you don't allow the person to -- so is vacant. anyway i'll stick around and hope somebody can take my report am happy to see that all of you are here tonight. i don't see you scowling. thank you. >> presidentthank you. there's a sergeant at the door collecting can help you. ms. brown welcome and good evening. >> testifier: is the or and working? review of the
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document camera. okay. there you go. >> testifier: hello everyone my name is pollock brown come here again concerning my son andre -- was murdered august 14 2006. the semiautomatic gun 30 rounds of bullets. to this day his birthday just passed april 6. i still have no justice for my son. his case is a cold case. i also fight for others mothers and fathers who foster children to homicide. these cases are all unsolved cases. i'm concerned about that. this really bothered me when these young men were murdered. i talked to the mother often. we were just at the supervisors meeting yesterday. she and i. i also want to say that i am a
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mother in rates. i raised to heal it's hard for me. and when i can look at this article that says, i know who killed her son did former mayor -- said i know who killed her son. the police know who killed her son. i mean, it's a slap in the face. he says on thursday the da knows who killed her son. these are his words. he was interviewed. these are all the names of the young man that murdered my son. and ubuntu jason thomas anthony hunter marcus -- excuse me. i'm a little upset today and tired. i
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come here every week. i am hurting., grieving mother. this is all i have left of my son. laying on a gurney lifeless. dead. emmy standing over my son what do we do? i need justice for my son. >> president: thank you ms. found that i would've to say anyone in the audience were anyone watching her home, there is an unsolved homicide into the -- there's an anonymous tip line 415 575-4444 if anyone has information into that murder please call that number it would be anonymous. thank you ms. dr. next speaker. >> testifier: my name is b
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davenport, community member. i don't actually ever come to please commission meetings but i'm here because i'm concerned about what's been going on in san francisco. so, assuming julie that she did not know about the texting back in 2012, which i don't even believe, i think there's a big problem with the internal investigations process. because if you google the names a lot of these officers this should be information of the finer 30 min. online. looks like about $118,000 in settlements paid to people involving the captain jason -- and officer -- michael -- try to use $100 to bribe his way into a hotel room where his estranged wife was back in 24 is able to stay on the force. a lot of these people it seems like they're already pretty big red flags and they're still working there. so, i'm disappointed that internal investigation
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isn't good enough. i think if you want to get the trust of the public back and i want to trust the police -- you need to have independent investigation. i don't think there's any confidence in internal affairs at sf pd anymore. i want to add that i think you need to extend the tablet for people to do. i think needs to be at least 2 min. that's all. >> president: favorite. any further public comments as of any further public comment? >> clerk: anyone else >> presidenthearing on public comment is now closed. inspector please call the next item >> clerk: discussion review recent activities >> president: >> testifier: to the training that was spoken to by myself along with other department heads to the implicit bias training a couple weeks ago. we have now contracted with that same bias trainer to train all captains and above and remain
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command staff members will undertake the training on may 5. the president of the -- will also be president as invited all the other had group presidents as well. there's a fine finite amount of space we are to grow that training to pair it with the racial profiling train fully reinstated in january. amongst other trainings that i -- but as far as the cultural sensitivity and some of the things were supposed to will be undertaking that on may 5. we did have a homicide on friday, may 10 in the morning at about 4:11 am that occurred in the 600 block of 40 fifth avenue. officers responded to a call and a man who's on the sidewalk he was suffering from multiple stab wounds that we were able to work that case and have a
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suspect in custody. also, on april 10 was the car chase that is been alluded to earlier. there was a vehicle that has been engaged in an armed robbery robbery series arounds have designated 3 arm robberies that have. the officers attempted to make a stop of this vehicle without a pursuant to the california -- when the vehicle bolted the stop went straight down california street. 3 firearms to were not authentic firearms one was a replica. one was a pellet gun. the other was an authentic firearm. at the very bottom of the hill is struck and killed ms. -- and then continued. the officers continued to chase. is this christian knows, our pursuit policy is very restrictive. we are only allowed to pursue violent felon and or somebody who cannot chase them because of greater danger to the public.
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we are prohibited from chasing nonviolent felons property criminals misdemeanors or traffic violators. so in this instance, we had armed robbers engaged in armed robbery and then after hitting this this platter with homicide suspect. the vehicle was abandoned on treasure island. we have several leads and were hopeful that will catch those responsible for ms. --. i spoke to mr. parker's crackers father back in north carolina on saturday morning. he obviously is heartbroken father. desperately wants us to get those responsible into custody to about doing that. we also had -- there are several things going on in the police department with regard to the community and get a community day at mission station that was
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hosted at -- park on-site. and just monday we moved into the new police headquarters which is located at 3rd and mission rock. the ribbon-cutting formal presentation everyone is invited to public will be tomorrow and i'm going to do for the rest of my time -- i know we have a busy schedule but have briefed a presentation that her it director susan merhige will make. commissioner -- was ask his question about racial profiling data. so to that end, susan, if you would present it. this data that director -- is about to provide not only provides the data on those arrested, but also the witnesses and report these data also provide data in the very and it speaks to the jobs program that within undertaking over the last 4 years and we give them racial makeup with the project. >> testifier: good evening commission. as chief mentioned
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we have done an analysis of a couple things in san francisco and attempt to assess where we are with grace and ritual predefine and who were arresting. i'm going to talk about a couple topics today. one is reston services that we have him broken out to couple different categories. i must can attach on a 5 traffic sucked every, please officers stop someone in san francisco required to document the race of the person they stop. then a moment about the future graduates program which is a program that -- children under the age of 18. in terms of the arrested a so about what we wanted to do is to look at the racial breakdown of the people that the police are resting in san francisco. we wanted to compare that to something. typically, what you see is a
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comparison with the racial percentages of the residents of the city in which the rest are currently in san francisco, about 100,000 residents. however, another 265,000 people commute into san francisco with over 100,000 people san francisco residents who commute out of san francisco and we have another one and 150,000 visited on any given day in san francisco we don't know the racial breakdown of the people in the city during the day so i didn't think i was an appropriate comparison. so, all we get is try to take at least sort of out of it. let's look at some and calls 911 the victim of the kind often times they have a description of the suspect. so what we ought to do is take a lock look at those 911 calls what is the description of the suspect
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given by the victim and you'd be start racial percentages of those and compare that to the rest that we are making san francisco because one would think there should be somewhat aligned with each other. so, that's what we did. >> president: us of the e5 85 which is traffic stops. the traffic stop -- >> testifier: yes. every topics up. if you look at the slide the top information goes for the last 6 years. the race category were using are dictated by the president of the united states defines how we need to port on race. that's what you see there. then, the percentages are again -- this is the total number of incidents and concept san francisco were that raised of the -- was identified by the victim. if you look at the far right corner you can see the total over the 6 years. on the top. on the bottom were
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looking at a race at rest by race category. so sort of the important information on the slide is the differential you see on the bottom right corner. the extent to which one race might be bias going on. you would expect that differential to the 0 in a perfect world. or that's just sort of what you would think it would be. as you can see, there some difference is that you're the same data i do. i'm not sure what inferences we can talk. drop. >> commissioner: not every single person that's called in having committed an offense is arrested. so, that would also explain why there's a differential. the point of the -- of this presentation is this is not the officers are not acting autonomousl